Frequently Asked Questions

About 50 drifters have been built and will be release in between April and July. In early spring, the melting snow increase the river flow. The pick of the freshet happens usually in June. Drifters will be released at different tides, river flow and weather conditions in order to have a representation of the surface water circulation under various conditions.

These buoys have been designed to drift until they sink. That should eventually happen after being at sea for a month or so. That is why a special attention has been made in the design of the drifters to use only biodegradable materials. The buoy is made if wood and meta, and only the GPS plastic box is non biodegradable.

The GPS units SPOT have an inbuilt motion sensor. This sensor has to be trigger by movement to start recording the GPS position and sending it to inorbit satellites. Having our GPS on top of a doorstop increase the natural Drifter's motion and facilitate it's activation.